Hexcel Corporation Concrete Pour

    It is an early morning here on Chad Fisher Construction's Hexcel Project in Burlington, WA. We are pouring the first half of the concrete slab today. The plan is to start pouring concrete at 4:00 am and have 600+ yards of concrete on the ground by 11:00!  read more...


    Hexcel Corporation Ground Breaking Ceremony

    Gold Shovels and White Hats! Today is the Ground breaking for Hexcel Corporation's new 65,000-sq-ft facility, which was awarded to Chad Fisher Construction. read more...


    CFC awarded contract for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

    The Archdioceses of Seattle has selected Chad Fisher Construction, Mount Vernon, as the contractor for the new 14,845 sq. ft. Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on 15th Street in Mount Vernon, WA. read more...


    Alf Christianson Seed (Sakata Seed) Office Building

    Chad Fisher Construction is pleased to announce the completion of the new 14,000 sq. ft. office building for Alf Christianson Seed Co. in Burlington, Washington. Alf Christianson Seed, a division of Sakata Seed Corporation of Yokohama, Japan, relocated its operations from south Mount Vernon to ... read more...

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